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Weaving in my dreams – OMG

Last night I dreamed a piece of fabric–clearly and vividly enough that I was able to draw it the next morning.  Am wondering if there is anyway to weave this in real life.  Possibly doubleweave?



Some project updates. . .

I finished the cottolin towels.  Cottolin is really rough and non-absorbent–so not suitable for towels.  Too bad.  They are hanging in the guest bath.  Guests will just have to make do. I’m very proud of these little  towels.


Next project:  tip towels of 16/2 cotton. Should be much more absorbent. I like tip towels–not as much of a commitment at full size dish towels!  I feel like I’m getting more done in the same amount of weaving time!


Weaving with Ptolemy Mann

My weaving class was assigned a project to incorporate the dye styles of Ptolemy Mann into  a project. I did this scarf in 8/2 tencel using a commercially-dyed weft (shale) and a dyed warp.  The pattern is a broken twill done on a 4-harness loom.



I’ve also been working on some projects on my home looms.  Some plain weave towels (4-harness, cottolin)–not very exciting, but after weaving for 10 years, I’ve decided to go back to the basics.  I’m intrigued my the simplicity of Scandinavian weaving so am looking at that as my inspiration.





I’ve also found it very pleasurable to make handwoven bookmarks using twill and overshot patterns.  I’m doing these on my 8-harness loom–although this one is a 4-harness pattern.

OMG – The Bateman Weaving Patterns!

Just got a good look at a copy of Weaving Innovations from the Bateman Collection. Wow!  This guy Bateman was a chemist who began weaving in the mid-1900s — on an 8-harness table loom. Because he had such an analytical mind, he did something like 1,500 samples comparing changes in tie up, threading, and treading.  Very detailed work.  I’m hoping to try to weave through some of his samples–someday–in all my free time. (I’m still working so free-time is relatively scarce.)

First Post on My Fiber Blog

IMG_2527Just want to keep a digital/mental record of what’s going on with fiber and me. I’ve been weaving for 10 years. Because I have a real world job, I can only weave at nights. And my weaving projects are all over the place–some huck, some twill, some double weave. My New Year’s resolution is to find some focus in my weaving. I plan to spend time thoroughly exploring PLAIN WEAVE! I want to be very Scandinavian about this. Thinking of my Danish heritage.

Other fiber work I do: stitchery, knitting, sewing, and, soon, crochet in support of my school’s Crocheted Coral Reef project.

IMG_2655 IMG_2451 IMG_2653

I suppose I could do the same thing on Ravelry–but somehow this seems more satisfying.