Weaving Actually

I’ve been studying weaving since 2005.  I often think that I spend more time talking about weaving, collecting yarn, and buying weaving tools than weaving. (Just love all that beautiful wooden esoteric stuff that goes with weaving!)

For the last 3-4 months, I’ve actually been weaving! It’s a miracle. I have a full-time job so weaving time is limited, but I’ve still managed to get some things off the loom.

Inlay practice.
Playing with inlays and inserted threads. Crude, but I hope to develop something more fully realized from this bit of inspiration. Doing this was like painting with thread–“in-the-zone” engaging, but very time consuming.


Some images from a course I took on doing deflected double weave.  Mouse over each image for a caption. Notice that the pre-washing image has much more rigid lines and that the other 3 post-washing images have softer and more rounded lines.


Also, recently completed a shawl using some tencel I dyed last year.  Someone said the browns and greens look like a forest floor so I’ve title this piece “Forest Floor”.  I wanted the leaf-shaped twill to evoke that idea.  Unfortunately, I chose “taupe” for the weft– washing out the greens and browns of the dyed tencel.  My original choice had been “avocado”, but when I put that next to the dyed warp, it seemed way too green.



So, yeah, me!  Finally weaving more than talking about weaving. A very exciting way to start 2017.


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