A Good Start to a New Project

Saturday morning I went into the weaving studio at Southwest School of Art and got 5-6″ done on my new project, a ruana in hand-dyed and shale 8/2 tercel. I’m doing this in double weave so it will open out the the full width.  All going as planned.  Hopefully.


And I learned a new trick–rather than tying on to the front beam, I used lashings.  Much easier to tension!


I was originally concerned that using shale as the weft would obscure the beauty of the hand-dyed yarn.  I planned to audition lemon grass, gold, and silver grey as possible wefts, but started with the shale.  Wow!  It pops out the color on the hand-dyed yarn.  Didn’t need to try anything else, because shale works so well for this.  I love these little victories.



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